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The name frozen bride symbolizes, on one hand, the love for the North and, on the other hand, the long-suspended "frozen" dreams of singing.

Frozen bride is an Austrian singer (mezzosoprano with a vocal range of 3.5 octaves) who has Polish roots, based in Vienna, at the same time her heart fervently beats for Finland. There’s no question that she prefers to interpret works of the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish, but she also writes her own songs (with and without band). She sings mainly symphonic metal and rock, but also dabbles in classical pieces.


The late-coming singer actually comes from an essentially musical family, both parents studied concert organ with a minor in piano, and spent their lives as professional musicians and later as music teachers. At home, a wide variety of instruments from all over the world were always brought in and tried out. Her father played the Bruckner organ at St. Florian for several years, so the artist literally grew up between those organ pipes which naturally had a massive influence upon her life. She always carries the organ with her as a tattoo covering her entire back. Her father also played the bagpipes later, which he occasionally included in organ concerts, and he also played in a jazz band, composed jazz pieces and was an accompanist for singers in the Warsaw Chamber Opera. Her mother, originally also an organist, a.o. was an accompanist for dancers during ballet practice and rehearsals, a piano teacher and later on she was also into artist management and was actively managing the Carin Cosa Latin band. Her mother had literary talent and published two bilingual volumes of poetry in German and Polish. All of this artistic talent was passed down to the artist as part of her cultural heritage, who is now actively pursuing her own musical career.


Frozen bride, herself, was musically active from childhood on, she played violin, piano and guitar each for 2 years but was always more interested in dancing and singing. She sang in school choirs, a school band, and at her father's evening classes. She undertook a voice role in a radio play for children at the age of 13. She also danced ballet and later in a professional ballroom dancing sports club. She wrote poems and song lyrics from an early age on and participated in the school theatre group, as well as attended rhetoric and speech training in her youth. 


Despite all of this, or perhaps precisely because of it, she struggled to choose the path she had dreamed of for so very long; the (invisible) bar was simply too high. She paused almost two dozen years with all kinds of art, until the inner call for music at some point could no longer be ignored.


In 2019, She finally decided to give her all to singing; she looked for a singing school and found one in the Stimmfabrik Wien which became the perfect base for an appreciative, individually tailored support. She first took private lessons mainly with the vocal coach Manuela Pachler and later completed the 1st and 2nd Sängerschmiede class. From 2021, she also took classical singing lessons with mezzo-soprano opera singer Sevana Salmasi. Since then she has performed in several choirs, bands and side projects, created her own YouTube channel as frozen bride and has reignited her songwriting. 

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